Why CricWit? 


The “game of gentlemen” is widely spreading across the globe and passionately loved by billions of humans. Unlike ever before Cricket is being played not only on the country level but also on the schools, clubs, friends and neighbours level.

Many young players are entering the arena of glorious cricket, playing numerous matches with ever lasting memories, millions of balls are being balled and runs are being scored and many records are being created. But do we have a track of every achievement, success and are we passing the outcomes to the next generation?


Simply, does the passion for cricket is being saved and documented properly?


What is the Solution?

Cricwit, a web based application development by Epitom Trinergy. This is a fully fledged cricket web application integrated to the website of the club / team / school etc.


How it is Useful? 

Proper track of the club details, team details, player profile, match schedules, match venues and live score boards and scorecards, memorable moments and various other updates for anyone around the world.


Where to Access? 

The clubs and teams owning CricWit will be able to access and update all the activities including live match scores by logging into the backend. The users and parties interested about these clubs and team can see all relevant information in summary or in-depth through the website which will be the outer interface of this web app.

The software has been built on a CMS platform which can be easily handled by a none-IT person with minimal training. Hence this web app can be used without any dedicated work station. Live scores and data could be easily fed in and edited to keep the scorecard and other details updated.